About Us

ZHENGZHOU BRIDGE BIOCHEM CO.,LTD.is a private company mainly engaged in Livestock&Poultry, Pets, and Aquaculture,located in ZhengZhou , we have takes full advantage of its geographic location and has been providing professional concentrate feed business for more than 15 years.


Our business is carried out throughout China and around the world. While providing high-quality products, Have also professional team to operate the entire supply chain and provide regular market analysis reports for our customers(The quality of our products meets ISO9001 standards.)


After years of efforts, ZHENGZHOU BRIDGE BIOCHEM CO.,LTD has established strategic partnership with factories of major product to ensure stable supply of goods and competitive prices, and escort long-term stable customers to expand the market.


Our main products include Pet food,Mineral nutrition for animals, protein, probiotics, vitamins and etc.


ZHENGZHOU BRIDGE BIOCHEM CO.,LTD.is also aiming to expand international markets, our products have been recognized by customers from more than 25 countries and regions in Asia, Africa, America, Europe and Oceania. With reliable quality and service,which has established long-term and stable partnership with many well-known entreprises.